Storage and how to take the supplements

Just2BFit products consist of capsules, pockets with soluble powder or gummies.

How do I take the Just2BFit supplements?
You can take the capsules with water, just like normal pills or capsules.
The soluble supplements are in boxes with special, air tight sachets, enough for one month. Every day you can take one sachet from the box and use it. Dissolvet the powder in 200-250ml water and stir.

The gummies have a nice fruity flavour and can be chewed.

How long can I keep the supplements?
We will make sure the products are always good for 3 months up to the expiration date when you receive them. The exact expiration date is on the back side of each package. Keep the products in a dry, cool place.

What is the best moment to take a Just2BFit supplement?
We recommend taking the products daily, if otherwise it is stated on the package. The best time to take the products is after a meal, like breakfast or lunch. Are you using Slim? Find the instructions for taking the supplement on the box.

Always keep supplements away from (young) children.